Project Overview

Data Maturity Wizard

Tool assesses data maturity through web application.

Knowing an organization’s maturity of data management practices, preparation for data deluges, and quality of data throughout an enterprise is key to mitigating risk and identifying areas for improvement. Agencies often use spreadsheets with formulas to generate data maturity scores. This process can be cumbersome and time consuming. Our Data Maturity Wizard streamlines this process and makes it more consistent and repeatable. Using a Q&A format in a web application, the wizard assesses the level of an organization’s data maturity in the areas of data governance, data quality, metadata management, data integration, and data privacy and security and assigns a score based on industry standards. Once the survey is complete, the user receives the results immediately.

Targeted Industry




Potential Use Case

This wizard was developed using substantial industry input to establish a benchmark/baseline maturity level for the most pertinent areas in agency data health. Agencies can use this tool to evaluate the current state of their data maturity and to measure progress toward agency goals.

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