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What drives our innovation? Good question. It’s our Centers of Excellence (CoEs). They are the force behind the cutting-edge solutions and innovations we’re known for. Teams consist of analysts, data scientists, IT domain practitioners, and other experts who understand the Federal Government’s issues and challenges. CoEs collaborate to build prototypes and solutions leveraging the technology of tomorrow to meet today’s mission needs.

Our CoEs foster a rich environment of knowledge-sharing, continuous learning, best practices, and exploration. Each CoE focuses on a domain critical to Federal Government agencies and organizations to help them reach the next level. These domains include:

Of Excellence

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Whether it’s through machine learning (ML), deep learning (DL), robotic process automation (RPA), or other AI technology, Octo’s AI CoE experts apply their experience, skills, and domain knowledge to ensure Octo solves each customer’s unique problems.


The Cloud CoE team focuses on leveraging best practices in designing architectures to help government agencies stay ahead of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.


CoE cybersecurity experts ensure customers and Octo stay one step ahead of cyber threats, overseeing cybersecurity strategies based on user challenges and requirements.

Data Management and Analytics

This CoE has guided development of data science tools that use predictive analytic algorithms and emerging technology, enabling customers to convert data into actionable intelligence and data-driven decision models.


This CoE works to reduce risk by providing guidance on developing fully automated, on-demand deployments that eliminate waste and optimize legacy workloads with modern architectures. Our team of Full Stack Engineers, Certified Scrum Masters, and Certified Scaled Agilists ensure powerful solutions are customized and made available to all customers.


This CoE makes application development more accessible to non-technical users and accelerates the development process, allowing customers to quickly create simple to moderately complex applications. 

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Instead of Show and Tell, we’ll Listen and Show. We’ll listen to what challenges your agency is facing. Then we’ll show you our cutting-edge prototypes and collaborate to decide which provides the best solution and the greatest value.


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