oLabs is Octo’s Innovation Hub, a home for:





It about energy and innovation. It’s about an accelerated environment for creating positive results through the possibility of technology. And it’s fun! It’s the oLabs™ annual Hackathon, where our domain experts collaborate on novel projects to produce one-of-a-kind solutions. Our teams tackle the seemingly insurmountable, complex challenges faced by today’s Federal Government organizations and agencies. Below are a few of the seeds of innovation that are just the first steps in how we’re taking our customers to the next level.

Using data mesh to increase data discoverability and faster accessibility
User-friendly one-stop-shop for all COVID-19 reporting requirements
Secure, user-friendly, and efficient vaccine status information
No code/low code implementation of electronic health records
Easy-to-use ServiceNow mobile app for submitting information
Web-based tool to  interactively visualize accounts, resources, and assets.
Automated refreshers within a collaborative, cloud-based environment.
Visualized workload balance and workflow tracking.
Secure single-sign-on and secure application programming interface services.
Improved efficiency and consistency with labeling and annotating data.
In-chat remote executor.
Enhanced AI/ML object detection.