Warfighters. First responders. Health experts. Enterprises. They all need user-centric solutions that work. And they need them now. Octo creates these solutions at oLabs™, our R&D innovation hub where experts address even the most complex problems faced by Federal Government agencies and organizations. oLabs is the launching pad of next-gen technology developed rapidly and collaboratively. Learn more about oLabs’s products and tools.

Common Data Fabric (CDF)

Smash your data silos and streamline the process for sharing that data with your federal mission partners. CDF allows you to retain the critical policies that protect your data, without letting those policies become a hindrance. Find out more.


Effortlessly adapt your ML models to the rapidly evolving situation on the ground. Hatteras automates ML model retraining during dynamic conditions to avoid deterioration and keep the ML models accurate in the cloud or at the tactical edge. Find out more.


Give your frontline units the tactical advantage with an open source suite of tools designed to collect and move real-time sensor data, including imagery and video, over degraded networks for AI analysis. OctoCX™ then pushes actionable intelligence back to the unit’s handheld devices and headsup displays. Find out more.


Octo’s digital software supply chain platform automates and streamlines the creation of your Agile and DevSecOps environments. ShiftUp integrates and configures the latest open-source tools to reduce your setup time from months to 30 minutes. Find out more.


Instead of Show and Tell, we’ll Listen and Show. We’ll listen to what challenges your agency is facing. Then we’ll show you our cutting-edge prototypes and collaborate to decide which provides the best solution and the greatest value.


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