Third Place Winner (tie) – Hackathon 2021

Project Overview


In-chat remote executor.

CoffeeBean is an in-chat remote executor. It can execute code from embedded code blocks and from GitHub repositories, can run in any chat application, and can use any programming language.

It fosters real-time collaboration, allowing developers to share code snippets with others to see the results the code may have. It facilitates small project demonstrations, showing how an app would work with console messages being returned right into a chat. It also delivers rapid prototyping that can compile and execute entire repositories with a simple command and is much faster to set up than other programs currently available.

Team Name: Team CoffeeBean

Team Members:
  • DJ Treat (Team Lead)
  • William Mars

Targeted Industry



Future features and functionality include: compatibility with additional programming languages and more chat programs, more source code repository viewing, scheduling and auto-deployments, and security/encryption/ vulnerability scanning capabilities.


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