Project Overview


As the global datasphere grows, companies are investing heavily in big data to gain a competitive edge. Two of the biggest challenges in realizing value from data are being able to quickly find the data needed to answer mission questions and the ability to support data governance and security. Traditional approaches rely on the use of data catalogs and a manually intensive documentation process to populate the catalogs with inventories of data assets. Oftentimes, the same data is used across multiple business units, but if those systems are located in silos, mining data often requires an extensive amount of research that is time-consuming, expensive, and incomplete.

A Machine Learning (ML)-augmented data catalog using data mesh changes the way we create and utilize catalogs. With data mesh, we make data discoverable and accessible faster via a federated approach to governance and data discovery, enabling users to quickly locate and access valuable data products for business use.


This tool reduces the amount of time spent manually looking for data, delivers confidence in data origin and quality, and provides authorized users with access to data to make faster and better business decisions.

Team Name: Team Dataloggers

Team Members:
  • Eswari Sivaraj  (Team Lead) 
  • Sheila Chittams
  • Clement Etukakpan
  • Rachit Vijay
  • Niranjan Mysore

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