Project Overview


Federal contractors will eventually need to be able to prove that all of their billable employees are vaccinated or exempt. Companies need a system to allow employees to enter their vaccine information and update that information as necessary. Additionally, managers need to be able to review and export COVID-19 vaccine data.

Users input their data via an online or mobile dashboard. This data is stored in the AWS Cloud where managers can track, maintain, and audit vaccination and testing records, and contractors can access their history at any time. The system is secure, user-friendly, and efficient.


V-Pass allows organizations to swiftly respond to potential vaccine audits that may be initiated by the Federal government, saving businesses time and money.

Team Name: OCTV

Team Members:
  • Akshay Arora (Team Lead) 
  • Brian Felix
  • Donald Heyd
  • Jessica Tully
  • Nithin Emanuel
  • Sreedhar Boggarapu

Targeted Industry





Fed Civ


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