Project Overview

AWS Cloudmapper

Web-based tool to  interactively visualize accounts, resources, and assets.

Migrating IT infrastructure to the cloud and managing hundreds of accounts supporting the IT workloads can present challenges for organizations. Infrastructure teams are often clueless about what is provisioned and changed within each account. They often cannot visualize the resources that make up current application designs, and it is difficult to monitor security and cost during development. Enter AWS Cloud Mapper, a web-based tool that allows infrastructure teams to interactively visualize every account and its associated resources and assets. This tool allows infrastructure team to keep an “eye on the cloud.” The Cloud Mapper generates custom reports that alert users of security or policy violations. It gathers reports that run every day to keep a track of changes over a period of time.

In general, each portfolio or app has multiple AWS accounts with required resources to support the applications. The number of accounts run into hundreds, if not thousands, and the sheer number itself poses challenges to the team that manages the infrastructure. Moreover, Development and Research Teams must access the AWS console to manage their accounts for development. Tools like CloudCheckr do not let users visualize the architecture and highlight issues during development.  AWS Cloud Mapper helps teams visualize every account to quickly audit the infrastructure built within the accounts. 

Team Name: Eye on the Cloud

Team Members:
  • Shiv Kadalli  (Team Lead) 
  • Neel Hegde

Targeted Industry

Fed Civ






Organizations can use this tool to audit accounts for security purposes and alert stakeholders about usage and cost of resources for each account. Additionally, the visualization tool allows us to audit the design and architecture of projects while they are in development.



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