Project Overview

CoVacin Tracker

With COVID-19 vaccines being rolled out and a healthy vaccination rate, there is a push toward opening workspaces and restoring life back to “normal.” Requirements to track and provide evidence of vaccinations to comply with regulations such as the Federal mandate create a challenge for organizations to manage, track, and consolidate employee vaccine information in short timeframes.​ Not only do they need a solution quickly, they also need something that is easily scalable and secure and makes reporting easier for compliance and tracking.

That’s where the CoVacin Tracker comes in. Using the ServiceNow platform, we developed a web-based application that allows employees to submit documentation regarding their vaccine status or exemption online.


Users can easily access the entry point, which is a user interface portal/ServiceNow mobile app, to submit their information. Once it is submitted, a team reviews the information and updates the user’s vaccine profile accordingly. Dashboards make it easy to run reports to monitor employees’ vaccination response and status.

Team Name: CoVacin Tracker

Team Members:
  • Himanshu Rawat (Team Lead)
  • Nicholas Buhl
  • Benjamin Harner
  • Palgun Yarraguntla
  • Jesse Gonchar

Targeted Industry


Fed Civ





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