Project Overview

SeaPort ProViz

Visualized workload balance and workflow tracking.

SeaPort users often reach out to Help Desk with questions that make it apparent that they struggle to see the big picture to accomplish their mission. Competing priorities, such as juggling multiple documents, balancing workloads, tracking workflow, and evaluating remaining procurement actions, lead to confusion about work that has been done and work left to do.

To address these challenges, we hacked SeaPort ProViz to:

  • Provide status on where a procurement stands,
  • Help with workload balance,
  • Help with action planning at all levels of contracting, and
  • Provide an easy-to-follow procurement lifestyle visualization.

Team Name: SeaPort ProViz

Team Members:
  • Victoria Disman (Team Lead)
  • Swetha Balasubramanian
  • Todd Hines
  • Mariam Fikre
  • Tundey Akinsanya

Targeted Industry

Fed Civ






The SeaPort ProViz workflow button (tool) helps government contractors visualize their assigned procurements and determine where they are in the procurement lifecycle. It provides an easy way to quickly assess the progress of procurement by document reviewers and supervisors. It allows users to plan their workload by evaluating what has and has not been completed. Finally, it helps users quickly identify and resolve external dependencies.


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